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Night Lights Remastered:
1. Night Lights (Remastered) | 05:15
2. Night Lights (A Work of Fiction Remix) | 04:57
3. Night Lights (Ambient Remix) | 04:48

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Night Lights

And our world comes alive
It glows and washes over
The familiar restlessness of time
It leads us to the lights
And here they come

Bright lights
And darkness turns to light
It glows as effervescent as the
Brilliant promise of our time
We dance into the night lights
Here we come

When I see them
When I see the lights
They shine so bright / they line the sky
I feel so alive here / home in your arms

And all the filaments that shine
They’re incandescent in your eyes
It’s so divine
Here they come

"Night Lights (Remastered)"
Written by Saiful Idris.
Produced by The Great Spy Experiment & Leonard Soosay.
Recorded and mixed by Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studio, Singapore.
Additional mixing by Saiful Idris at Surrender HQ, Singapore.
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, UK.

"Night Lights (A Work of Fiction & Ambient Remixes)"
Produced by Saiful Idris at Surrender HQ, Singapore.
Mastered by Jesse Skeens at Medway Studios, UK.

© 2015 Riot! Records / Fictionalism Records

A special thank you to Nick Chan, without whom this song would not have
been written.

She's really something else, this one. Soon-to-be 50 but proudly b(e)aring a tramp-stamp that reads 'forever young'. The quintessential modern Asian hottie - dressed to turn heads and lift spirits, every part of her lovingly manicured to perfection. Neither bashful nor apologetic of her brash flaunting of faux nubility, manufactured by years of facelifts and superficial surgery. Within, her bones are a mess of fractures, of fragmented flesh and organs. Her blood, ever needlessly urgent, meanders through tangled and congested vessels, making it hard to breathe. No longer can we recognise the sweet kampong girl we grew up with and fell for, of simple charms and simpler allure, much like the slow-motion kebaya-clad girls on TV basking in the glow of a faraway sun. Driven by a relentless pursuit of riches and the immaterial material, she's slept with the devil, and cavorted with his minions. And with great guile, they've transformed her into the highest of high-class hookers, a favourite among the highest of Western and PRC high-rollers. Her actions are governed by a mind that's distinctly separate from her conscience. And it breaks her heart, her largely-transplanted heart, into 5 million pieces (possibly 7 million by 2030).

But we love her. For all her flaws and imperfections. For the scars on her back, and the scratches on her skin. For the noose around her neck, and the sunburn on her chin. We love her. And we miss her. For who she was to us. But more so, for who we were to her. And in the colour of the night and in the shadow of her light, she reminds us of our first love, that sweet kampong girl, simply beautiful and full of hope.

(Originally published in July 2014.)